For the Love of Reading

Eager eyes intently watched their playground door.

“Are they coming?”

“Wait, I think I see them!”

“Oh, they are here! They are here!”

Their teacher quiets the room and approaches the door.  A smile and wave and twenty-five teenagers enter the first grade classroom.  The seventh graders tower over the little ones, their smiles bright and wide, with picture book in hand, ready to share a beloved story with a new friend.  Today was our second annual Read Across Campus celebration.

The middle school students swiftly move around the room and curl up next to a buddy.  Some of them sit on fluffy pillows in the reading nook and some find a seat at a nearby desk, theirs knees touching the desks as they sit in chairs made for little legs and little bodies.

Word by word, page by page, stories and memories are shared.  New friendships are made and a love for reading celebrated.

Watching the connections between the middle school students today was a highlight of my school year.  So much that water swelled up in my eyes as I witness the gentleness of the teenagers and the idolization of the 1st graders.

Needless to say, I cannot wait for next buddy reading opportunity!


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