My Hook Book

A recent post got me thinking.  It triggered a memory from elementary school. A memory in which I was tucked under my pink and blue flowered comforter.  Lights off, flashlight on.  Beloved book in hand.  It was way past my bedtime.  I could hear the Pennsylvania crickets chirp though my half-opened window.  A cool breeze graced the room I shared with my younger sister.  She was fast asleep. I always wondered how she could go right to sleep.  My mind always raced at night.  I made lists, and plans, and well, sleep was never easy.

My parents thought I was in dreamland, too.  But, I wasn’t.  I was curled up with a book, catching the bug.  The reading bug.

I blame Lynette.  We were at a birthday party when she shared a book with me.  Lynette and I weren’t close friends, but were on the same basketball team and had a similar circle of friends.  Out of the blue, she says, “This is really good.  You should read it.”  Not being the biggest reader at the time (yes, sad to admit; painfully true), I took it and said, “Okay, I’ll read it.”

Little did I know what would happen next.  Little did I know what impact this book would have on me and my reading life.  It was my Hook Book.  It was the book that made me stay up late, read under covers, and cry with the characters.  It was the BOOK that got me HOOKed.

I can’t describe my current frustration without being able to recall its title (on a side note, I have spent the better part of my Friday evening scouring the internet trying to find this series!).  It was about a young girl and her struggles with leukemia.  As a kid and adult who prefers to live in a rainbow and unicorn world, I am still unsure to this day WHY this book appealed to me.  But, it did.  And I fell in love with reading because of this book – the characters, their struggles, their triumphs.  It somehow became a part of me.

So, thanks to a Slice of Life post, I was reminded of this book, this moment – my hook book.

It is my sincere hope that teachers, including myself, will move mountains for our students to find their book hook.  It will be life-changing.


8 thoughts on “My Hook Book

  1. I love this idea and the way that you wrote it was the BOOK that got you HOOKed. Such thoughtful and perfect use of capitalization and play on words. I feel like I read that book too – but I can’t recall the title either! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I like the term Hook Book. I am trying to think what my hook book may have been growing up. It was probably Little House in the Big Woods. I think it would be interesting to ask students if they have found a hook book.


  3. Mine was a biography of Florence Nightingale from a series in our school library (1965!). Then came the Little House series, Caddie Woodlawn, The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, and Up a Road Slowly, I agree, a hook book changes you forever.


  4. Your writing has me dying to know what book it was! I’m not sure what my “hook book” was…but I do remember making my mom reread “Put Me In the Zoo” and “Fox in Socks” over and over and over and over….until I had them both memorized! I think the first book that ever made me cry was Stone Fox.


  5. I wish I could say what book hooked me. My earliest memories are fairy tales that were read to me. Thank you for this post.


  6. I am dying to know what book that was!! Side note – I feel like every book I read, based off of our 9 yr old daughters’ recommendation, is making me so much more of a reader! Maybe she should start a blog and I’d be a writer too 😉


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