Batter Up!

Living with boys – three boys, one big and two little to be exact – outside time is a necessity. It is valued and treasured and strategically a part of our daily to-dos.  Even in the cold, bitter winter months, we find ourselves bundling up like Ralphie’s little brother from Christmas story just to get some fresh air and warm sunshine in and that endless energy out!

Our time outside varies with different sport-related or digger-related activities.  On any given day, it looks like the P.E. department sprinkled their storage closet on our backyard.  Soccer balls, goals, hula hoops, lacrosse sticks, pool noodles (yep, even in winter!), baseball bats, an assortment of balls, golf clubs and tees scatter our soon-to-be-cut-pre-spring yard.  Sometimes they are used for their rightful purpose and other times, well, it’s anyone’s guess.  A pool noodle as an elephant trunk?  Why not?  A golf club as an edger?  Of course!  Today we used our golf tee mat as home plate.  The P.E. department must have misplaced those bases. 😉

This afternoon we practiced fielding balls and hitting home runs and running the bases.  As the sun shone brightly and the light breeze kissed our cheeks, the boys learned to run from first to second to third to home, and the youngest of the two learned that when you start running bases, it’s a good idea to drop the bat!

It was all fun and games all afternoon until I, mom, got up to bat. The boys were in outfield and my beloved husband on the mound.

First pitch made me jump, was much too inside.

Dear, that was too close.

Second pitch fell before my feet.

Dear, put some heat on it.

Third pitch was a rope, sailing into the batter’s box as it thwacked the barrel of my thick, red, plastic bat.

Dear, did you see that?!

Outside time was over not when the diner bell rang or the bathtub was full or the sun was about to set.  Outside time was over when I, mom, hit the ball over our fence.



5 thoughts on “Batter Up!

  1. My husband is a coach of several sports but varsity coach of football. I know my mother in law spent her days in the same way as you and I know her pride was equal to yours to be with her boys. I love the way you set up the ending of your piece.


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