Five Foot Two

In the middle of a lesson

As I stand at five foot two

surrounded by 6th graders

in a middle school of teenagers

I shared my wisdom on genres and plots

and character development.

I shared tricky phrases and symbolic references

to a sea of eager eyes and hungry minds.

At the start of the year,

I shared an All About Me

and my students knew I played basketball in college.

So, it shouldn’t have came a surprise

when a boy named John raised his hand

in the middle of  discussion,

and asked,

“Ms. D, how tall were you when you played ball?”


10 thoughts on “Five Foot Two

  1. Oh my gosh, this is not what I expected the ending to be! Kids will say the darndest things. I teach 6th grade too and one think about them – they are honest.


  2. That is the best. I love when my students say hilarious thing. I often forget to write them down so I always forget what it was they said.


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