Baseball Talk

Tonight I logged on my computer to check my email and tend to some other school-related tasks.  I scanned through the list of unread emails and stumbled upon one from from a student’s parent that I just started to support today.  In speaking with the classroom teacher, I knew there was hesitation with my new student visiting me in my classroom twice a week, so I was anxious and uncertain to what I would read upon opening it.

I clicked on the email and began reading.  It was from Mom.  Much to my surprise, the she shared how much fun her son had with me today.  She shared that he was actually looking forward to more time together tomorrow.

I think back to earlier today and replayed our time together.  We spent the first fifteen or so minutes just talking about baseball and our favorite baseball players and the best position to play and what we liked to do on the weekends and, well, you get the idea.  Our time reading today was limited, but my conversation was sincere.  I wanted my new student to feel comfortable, and more importantly, I wanted him to know I cared.

Being a reading specialist can be a tricky job.  We sometimes get the most challenging students and the ones with the most hesitation or reluctancy for extra support from a reading teacher.  We sometimes find the kiddos with a trying level of confidence and there is many times, a negative connotation to visiting the “reading room.”  I get it.  Maybe that’s why I make such an effort to build trust with the students I work with.  I try to be empathetic and compassionate and convey the message, “I am here to help you.”

I think that the extra time we spent talking and building a relationship today made all the difference.

Hopefully, I can make a difference.

Now, only if he was a Washington Nationals fan…..


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