Justin Timberlake – I Thank You.

Every morning is a race out the door,

Into our carseats, buckled to be safe.

The thought of clothes

and shoes

and a hat

and brushed teeth

and yes, I admit, even underwear at times,

seem quite basic.

But, a three and a five

make it an early morning ninja-warrior adventure.

I know I’ve made it

when I tap the garage door

and turn on the tunes.

Our favorite song, our happy song,

‘Can’t Stop This Feeling’

permeates the car and the mood

and all is good on the drive to preschool.

Our three and a half minute commute

is full of out-of-tune singing and

ear-to-ear smiles and

perhaps some shoulder shrugging from the driver’s seat.

We’ve found our happy song

that the little ones request by name.

I can’t imagine starting the day

any other way.



10 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake – I Thank You.

  1. So sweet! It’s so fun when there’s a song everyone agrees on. One day, my daughter and I blasted Lady Gaga on the way to school/work, and it was awesome.


  2. I love this song too! How can you feel anything but ready to take on the day after listening to it? My three year old grandson knows all the words. You are giving your kids a great start to their day.


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