Lunches and Memories

“Mom, I would like a chocolate Cars (as in Lightening McQueen Cars) sandwich for lunch tomorrow.”

That’s how tonight’s lunch production started.  Son A makes a request.  Son B affirms request.  Mom eagerly fulfills request.

Tonight, though, as I spread the thick, creamy brown Nutella onto the whole wheat slices, I became somewhat nostalgic.  Not sure if it was the reference to homemade lunches earlier in the day, or taking a quick glimpse of my grandmother’s handwritten pierogie recipe, framed and hung from a kitchen wall… but, something triggered my thinking and took me back to my grandmother’s kitchen.

My Pap ate a tomato and mayo sandwich almost every day.  Freshly brewed coffee with a splash of cream and a spoon to stir.  White bread that had to be fresh and unsliced.

He’d sit down at the metal brimmed kitchen table. Newspaper, sandwich, and coffee in hand.  Barely a word was spoken, except for the occasional, “Honey, help yourself.”

Bite of sandwich, slurp of coffee, turn of the paper page.  The methodical rhythm of his actions could put a baby to sleep.

Routines from a War vet and memories from a granddaughter.  Funny how a chocolate Cars lunch could bring that all back.


5 thoughts on “Lunches and Memories

  1. You just put me in my grandparents’ kitchen with that metal-brimmed kitchen table. For my grandpa, it was jam on toast. What a great memory! Thanks!


  2. We had a kitchen table like that, with the metal around the edge. I would love to have it now. It wasn’t so big, although big enough to fit our large family. Thanks for triggering that memory for me.


  3. I hear you about how memories get triggered. I saw some fresh baked kaiser rolls recently and I had to buy red peppers to make pepper and egg sandwiches like my father loved to eat. (he used green peppers, I prefer the red)


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