Snow Day?

Friday nights –

arguably the best of the week.

A pivotal point between work and play.

The boys are STILL playing downstairs,

currently past bath time and past bedtime.

I hear voices of superheroes and firetrucks

and laughter I hope to hold onto forever.

I type upstairs, sitting in the dark at the kitchen table

listening to Zac Brown’s voice inside

and the wind bellowing outside.

I reflect on the week that ended and forecast the weekend ahead.

A snowstorm is brewing and I’m dancing – my snow dance, of course.

Maybe, just maybe, a day off is in our future.

Excited to sleep in,

excited to spend the day in PJs,

excited to see my boys’ faces when they

see mounds of fresh snow,

hugging limbs and branches.

Ready to read my snow book,

ready to build a snow fort,

and ready to soak up the moments

a snow day inevitably brings.



9 thoughts on “Snow Day?

  1. Nothing like a good snow day surprise to start off a week. This is how we get wishful in Minnesota:
    1. sleep with your pj’s inside out the night before
    2. flush ice cubes down the toilet
    3. put a spoon under your pillow

    (items 2 and 3 I just learned about this year…but anything helps!)

    Hope the weather will listen to your request!


  2. I am always amazed at how much is said when the lean poetry format is used. You have a gift of saying so much in so few lines!! I’m also thinking that a bit of Ralph’s poem you shared with us on Thursday
    helped to inspire this poem! I love the image of “see mounds of fresh snow, hugging limbs and branches.” Hugging is the perfect verb! Fingers crossed for a snow day!!


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