My Little Reader.

B reading

I am so lucky to have a wondrous school library that has every book on my  ever-growing wish list.  Today,  I stopped by to pick up a few new titles to weather the forecasted snowstorm, err, I mean rain storm (tear, tear).

I stumbled upon Blizzard, by John Rocco.  We have already read it twice this evening, and my little guy couldn’t turn off the lights until he read it one.more.time.

“Mommy, don’t turn the lights off.  I have to finish my book.”

Oh, the things that make your heart warm and fuzzy.



3 thoughts on “My Little Reader.

  1. Here with you in the DC Metro area – with fingers and toes crossed and pajamas inside out. I did enjoy the absolute love in your post – of your little reader. Love the image of him not wanting you to turn off the light. One. More. Time. Powerful.


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