Lawn Mower Dreams.

Bedtime is always an adventure.  Some nights, the boys escape off into dreamland without any hesitation.  Other times, and let’s be honest, most nights it is a game of tug-and-war between going to sleep and hosting the social event of the year – aka bedroom party, aka hallway party, aka I-dont-want-to-sleep-without you party.

So, many nights my husband and I juggle between baths, books, and bedtime.

Tonight, the tug-of-war leaned on our favor.  The oldest fell asleep before I had a chance to snuggle and the youngest, well the youngest stayed in bed and, well that is a win.

As I said goodnight to the youngest, I told him how much I liked to watch him sleep. You always look so snuggly, so cozy, so peaceful, I tell him.

I inquired, “Sometimes I wonder what you dream about at night.”

“I dream about lawn movers because I love lawn mowers.  And John Deeres.  I love John Deeres, too.”

And I think, mystery solved.  Thanks to lawn movers and other green tractors, my lil’ guy sleeps soundly and looks quite adorable in doing so.

So, thank you lawn mowers.

Thank you John Deere.

Thank you green-machinery everywhere.


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