Today’s Milestone.

This warm March morning begged for a walk around our block.

We were up before many of our neighbors, as many houses were still from the night before.  We ventured out with two bikes, two kids, two parents, and one very eager dog.

We set out on the normal route with the normal stops.

“Bryson, stop at Mr. Bob’s house.”

“Grady stop at Mr.D’s truck.”

But today, as we approached our first stop sign stop, our normal turn in our normal route, my husband declared, “Let’s do the big block.”

The boys were quite eager, and the dog, well she was quite eager, too – What ridgeback would turn down more fresh, neighborhood sniffs?!

So, we ventured off on a new adventure.  Down the hill, up the hill, into a new cul-de-sac, around the big block.

I thought that this was the milestone of the day -new hills and new sidewalks – until our last stop at the light pole.  Grady promptly stopped as he knew to do, but quickly shouted, “I have another tooth loose!”

My husband and I exchanged looks.  Um, there are two loose?

We catch up to his temporary parking spot and look.  Yep, two loose teeth.  But, that still wasn’t the milestone of the day.

What we saw behind the two loose teeth was.

Behind the hanging-on-for-dear-life loose teeth were two, brand-new,  adult teeth, cautiously poking through my big guy’s gums searching for March’s spring light.

And that was the milestone of the day.



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